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The darkest side of social media

We live in a strange age, where technology has made it possible to stay connected at all times, and to access information from almost anywhere, at any time. But there are two sides to everything, and it can be argued that in spite of social networking, people are far less ‘connected’ with each other than ever before; and that along with the ability to access information, it has also become possible to bombard people with constant media messages.

Connection Vs Isolation

The media is rife with advertising, and the role of advertising is to make us feel inadequate so that we may consume more. We are confronted with media messages about what to buy and how to live, almost constantly, if it isn’t from our own personal devices, it is on public ones. It is almost impossible to escape the cumulative message, and that is that ‘you’re not good enough, and you’re life is not the best it can be’. Add to this the pressures of social networking, where one’s life is showcased on a digital web page for friends to see and ‘like’.

Isolation Vs low self esteem

Feeling constantly insecure can lead to chronic issues such as low self esteem and low self worth. For people who already suffer from these, the problem can become even more exaggerated. For those who grow up in this environment, the issues can become chronic and complex. In fact, anxiety and stress caused by technology and social networking among young people is a rising global concern. Low self esteem and loss of confidence can limit your life in countless ways, as you automatically start to make choices that fall in with the way you perceive yourself. For those who suffer from anxiety, stress and low self confidence, it is important to talk to a therapist or counsellor who can help them overcome their fears and prejudices and rediscover their own life.

Low self esteem comes from a set of beliefs that we develop about our self and these beliefs develop over time. Different factors can lead to low self esteem. It could be family dynamics, a traumatic childhood, and trauma in adulthood, life altering events, or your day-to-day environment. When the mind is constantly sent a message, it eventually accepts it, and once the message has been accepted, the mind works to support that belief. So whatever the cause is, it is important to recognise the problem and address it as soon as possible.

Low self esteem Vs depression

Low self esteem is a deep-rooted issue, so in order to overcome it, it is necessary to understand its origins and deal with them. Speaking to someone who can support you through this journey is vital, whether it is a friend, a family member, or a professional therapist. A therapist can guide you to the root of your beliefs, and acknowledge the anxiety, pain or hurt that may lie there. It is very important to do this, in order to expose all the things that you have learnt to believe about yourself, accept them as the truth and make life choices accordingly.

The speed and nature of modern life can put an immense amount of pressure on the emotional mind. Chronic fatigue, stress, and rising levels of anxiety have sadly become the defining characters of our fast-paced lives. These problems cannot be ignored or wished away as more often than not, they lead to something more serious. When these issues start to impact on day-to-day life, it is necessary to seek outside help preferably from a professional therapist.

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